Everyone deserves good security

Founded in 2020, Castle One came into being as a response to the COVID-19 cybercrime wave. High profile companies were being hacked left and right, but that was nothing new. We knew they had the budget for premium defenses and plenty of insurance if their defenses failed. What compelled us to action was the rise in small businesses being targeted.

Small businesses are our people, and they are routinely underserved and poorly served in the cybersecurity industry. We started Castle One out of a determination to ensure small businesses have a shelter for whatever storm is brewing.

The Castle One team brings together expertise in human vulnerabilities, computer vulnerabilities, and even cybersecurity research straight from the CIA. We aren't your average legacy MSSP, we are built for whatever's next.

Castle One makes cybersecurity easy for small companies. I was sick of sitting through complex demos for products that are over-engineered for my purposes.

Daniel Litvak
Daniel Litvak
CEO at MileMarker

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